~ When i sound, love shines through ~




From a very young age, music has been part of the life of Dhyan Kavita. Her birthname 'Chantal' means 'she who sings'. Dhyan sang every day and as this little girl she was touched by the amazing movement happening inside of her by expressing. 


The first instrument she got from her father was a ukelele. She learned to play it just by feeling and listening. A keyboard was brought into the house and with a lot of determination and patience, she learned to move the keys like it was a piano. The flow of the music in it, was the same flow of love moving in her heart. Just by listening to music, she new intuitively to move her fingers in the way needed to give breath to the songs. 


Some time later she got a banjo and her twinsister a guitar. Even though she tried, she never liked the hard sound. The warm sound of the guitar was the sound touching her heart. Eventually she dared to express this to her father and he brought the instrument back to the store. She had this hope in her heart he would bring a guitar for her aswell, but he got back home with nothing. It was very painful for Dhyan. She dove into music even more, to caress the pain. Together with her twinsister, every night after school they played and sang together. This was her way to forget the wordly life. 



At school they performed many times together and it was the introduction for Dhyan of this space where music can be shared. She loved being in that space. It felt like this natural environment for her.


You would expect that Dhyan would choose to study the art of music. But in the streams of life, she made the decision to study the art of life instead. She became a midwife and she was blessed to be present at a lot of beautiful births. Those moments were the first glimpses of this deep knowing in her heart that life is so much more than with what she was brought up with. 


Even though this deep knowing, somehow music went slowly out of her life. But not out of her heart. Dhyan became a mother herself and she used this flowing love in the connection with her children. Every night she sang for her beautiful daughters and till this moment, this has never changed. 


After a difficult marriage, she bought a piano from her first money. That was the start of reconnecting with music and bringing it back home. A home she never left. The home to move and express herself. 


When her loving grandmother Agnes was dying, in the night Dhyan's very first own composition poured out of her heart. She danced with her and herself, in the tears and beauty of life. 'Soul of Transformation' is the song of that night. From that moment on, Dhyan composes her own songs, in the waves of life. You could say that Agnes ignited the spark in her heart to let her heart speak through the keys. Dhyan is very grateful for this graceful gift of love. Her album 'Waves', which has been released on 9th December, the birthday of Agnes, is a dedication to her. She tries to perfom 'Soul of Transformation' at every live event. When not physicaly played, it plays in her heart. 


But the story continues. Not only is piano the instrument of Dhyan. In the past years a lot of other instruments came into the hands of her and she can play them intuitively from the start. With no musical training, she can hardly read musical notes, no, just by connecting and feeling. She plays bodhran, harmonium, tanpura, nada tarangini, handpan, kora, calabas and yes, guitar. Just less than three years ago, someone placed a guitar in her chest. Even though there has always been pain around the guitar, she knew in that moment this instrument wanted to work with her. And she accepted this invitation of life. Now the guitar is a very good companion in her musical expressions.



In a search of a deeper understanding of life, Dhyan was introduced to yoga. During her training, her trainer Charanpal Singh said to her:


'Your gift is not to keep, but to share.' 


Those words has been the encouragement for Dhyan to start spreading her music. Throughout the time she has heared this sentence again, many times from other beings, as a support and guidance. In her yoga lessons she has always performed live and after that she has been part of a lot of other events to share her music. She played at the yoga festival in France, in ceremonial settings and at ecstatic dance events. She guides (cacao) singing circles and gives cozy concerts at home.


At this moment Dhyan is working on an album, where she will share her voice, supported with a lot of her instruments. And not only is Dhyan writing music, she is a lover of words aswell. Dhyan writes poems (you can read them here) and is currently writing a book where she will be sharing a part of her life story. 


Because of her midwifery background, there has always been this deep love of connecting with other beings. She believes in the power of women, the power of men and in the power of voice. In the future Dhyan would like to build/be part of a community and share her soft guidance to support and empower the wisdom of women.



~ she who sings ~