Even when you are feeling totally lost,
swallowed by the tears ripping your heart out like you are being swallowed by yourself,
grief and pain storming in such intensity it may seem you cannot take it anymore
Even when you think you have nothing left,
and the old memories burn in your being like a fire you never knew before,
where it looks like they are shattered in millions of pieces that you are desparately trying to hold
Even when you are feeling completely out of control,
and it seems like you lost your boat into the high waves,
where you are taken into the flood now with such speed you almost can't breathe
Even when you think you failed,
and your imagination of yourself has sunken into the ocean of truth,
your safe haven is gone,
leaving you feeling afraid nothing will be the same
Even when you deeply regret that you couldn't hold on,
and you desire to steer into the old direction,
reverse if you could,
but there is no way to go back
There is no way to go further either..,
all has dissolved in this tornado,
and you feel like you are being drained in its vortex,
leaving nothing else than the I of the storm
Even then,
trust that all is well,
spread your being and dive in it,
and then you will know,
there is no direction to go,
there is no same,
there is no change,
no, nothing you tried to grasp, to hold or to go back to,
was yours in any way.
© Dhyan Kavita