You are thinking of me,
you are feeling me,
you write me poetry,
and fantasising about me.

Send me cards,
listen to my composed music,
even trying to reproduce it.
What exactly are you trying to produce?

In every possible way,
you're trying to make yourself visible to me.
Who is it that wants to be seen?
Who is it that is seeking?

You are looking at me,
over and over again.
Just press play and there 'i am',
recorded, being part of this holy family.

But you are not truly seeing me,
you've missed the pointer.
I'm not here for that,
i'm just present awareness.

You might play my composed music,
but you are missing the truth of it.
Every tone is a drop of love,
which poured out of me,
in the moment.

It's an expression of pure self,
of deep love and truth,
from my light, from my heart,
like a sunflower.

Tones of love, truth and grace,
silently present in my way.
Pure presence, not a present of adoration,
shining in divine harmony.

I am that,
not to be worshipped at.

© Dhyan Kavita